Soundbites from the Press and our Fans

...and it is dance itself that Graham is questioning as well in her concealment of the body, and it is dance itself which we witness undergoing an interrogation with itself through itself, by turning its very instrument against it and forcing it to reconsider its means.
— Rainer J. Hanshe, author of The Abdication and Founder of Contra Mundum Press, November 2011
What a moving performance. It was...Provocative Unsettling Sensual Daring Beautiful Frightening Amazing Wow!
— Kenny Evans, Creative Director at McCann Erickson, NYC, November 2011
...spellbinding mix of smooth and sharp...
— Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times - May 2008
Esse Aficionado is led by three Purchase College graduates who are certainly — as the name suggests — passionate devotees of dance.
— Gia Kourlas, New York Times - December 2007
Whether fighting for our rights in their satin tights or displaying the scope of all-female energy, Esse Aficionado proved a force to count among NYC’s up-and-coming dance companies.
— Shannon Jowett, - November 2005
For they love to mix it up like Merce, changing a work’s performers, movement, costumes and/or music and using sound and projections issuing live from high-tech devices manipulated by chance…This must be what synesthesia feels like.
— Eva Yaa Asantewaa, The Village Voice - December 2003
Once in a blue moon, the privilege to see a young dancer, with genius pulsing within, comes along at an early stage of a career. Gina Graham is one such dancer. And the performance of Esse Aficionado — the company of Graham, De La Rosa and Morinoue — was like invigorating heat on a cold winter’s night.
— Douglas Frank, Dance Insider - March 2003
A deep sense of vitality pulses through them...choreography possesses true creative sparks that flare up throughout the performance.
— Julian Fisher, Show Business Weekly - November 2011

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